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Active Boot Disk V15.0.6 WinPE ISO

+ My newest standalone creation "Jayro's Lockpick" is joining MediCat USB! It takes every Password Reset boot disk for resetting Windows user accounts and combines them all into one simple and easy to use WinPE boot disc. You're presented with a simple menu, with all the best password reset tools at your disposal once it's fully booted. Note: "Passcape Reset Windows Password" is packaged a little differently, so it takes longer to load than the rest... Please be patient with it.

Active Boot Disk V15.0.6 WinPE ISO

+ "Linux vDisk Boot" plugin has been added to ventoy_grub.cfg, so you can use the F6 GRUB menu to boot your fixed-size Linux disk file. (VHD, VDI, and RAW formats are supported. VHDX and dynamic disks are not supported.). The default example script was pasted in, and can be edited to your liking. I left it intact so it can be used as a reference. Read this to know more: _vtoyboot.html

+ "DUD (Driver Update Disk)" Plugin has been added to ventoy.json. Some linux distros provide a DUD mechanism. Give a Driver Update Disk image file and set some boot option during boot. Then the driver can be installed before disk scan. And hardware manufacturers generally also provide DUD images that conform to the corresponding distro requirement. The default example script was pasted in, and can be edited to your liking. I left it intact so it can be used as a reference. Read this to know more: _dud.html

Microsoft Windows 3.1/3.11 & Windows for Workgroups3.1/3.11 have no Bootdisks as MS-DOS needs to be installed first.Download MS-DOS version used or if not known try the MS-DOS6.22 bootdisk first.

  • Consolidate as many diagnostic tools as possible into one bootable CD. Wouldn't you like to avoid digging into the dusty box to look for the right floppy disk, but simply run them all from a single CD? Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you!

Name of ToolVersionNotesCPU TestsCPU Burn-in1.00 The Linux version which is included in UBCD is at V1.00. V1.01 applies to Windows only. Mersenne Prime Test23.5.2 Need to update Mersenne Prime Test boot disk to allow user to manually override the decision (based on automatic CPU detection) to run V23/V24. The original maintainer does not have time to do this, so if you are interested to help, please contact me directly. StressCPU24-Oct-05 V2.0 is out, but I need someone to either update Adrian's combo Linux loader (/boot/cpustres*) or send me a new one. Please email me directly if you can help. Memory TestsMemtest863.3 Memtest86+1.70 Windows Memory Diagnosticn/a DocMem RAM Diagnostic3.1beta TestMem44 Peripherals ToolsParallel port detection and test utilities1.45 ATAPI CDROM Identification2.22 CHZ Monitor-Test1.01 CPU InformationIntel Processor Frequency ID7.2.20041115 Intel Processor Identification Utility3.3.20061218 x86test0.10a System InformationAIDA162.14 Discontinued NSSI0.59.14 PC-Config9.33 ASTRA5.31 Demo version PCISniffer1.5 PCI1.1 pcidevs.txt: 13 Feb 2006 CTIA2.7 DIMM_ID3.01 Benchmark ToolsSystem Speed Test 324.78 3D Benchmark VGA1.0 CPU Benchmarkn/a CD Index1.1 QwikTestn/a BIOS ToolsBIOS1.35.0 WipeCMOS1.2 CMOSPWD4.8 !BIOS3.20 Hard Disk Installation ToolsMaxBlast 5 (Maxtor)5.0 DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate)10.45.06 Disk Manager (Seagate)9.56a Disk Manager (Samsung)10 Hard Disk Diagnostic ToolsDrive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi)4.09 Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu)6.90 SeaTools for DOS (Seagate/Maxtor)1.09 SHDIAG (Samsung)1.25 HUTIL (Samsung)1.21/2.03 From soeren: "HUTIL 2.00 lacks the possibility to view the SMART values and it appears to be a lot slower than 1.21. It's only needed for the newest Samsung drives, the "older" ones still work with 1.21." DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital)4.15/5.04c V5.x has been reported not to work on some older machines, so V4.15 has been included as a backup. Data Lifeguard (Western Digital)11.2 SCSIMax (Maxtor/Quantum)1.21 GWSCAN (Gateway)3.15/5.09 V5.x is for IDE hard drives larger than 10GB. For IDE hard drives 10GB or smaller, V3.15 is recommended. ESTest (ExcelStor)4.20 Salvation HDD Scan and Repair3.0 Demo version MHDD324.6 ViVARD0.4 HDAT24.52 For personal use only Hard Disk Device Management ToolsFeature Tool (IBM/Hitachi)2.05 AMSET (Maxtor)4.00 MAXLLF (Maxtor)1.1 UATA100 (Seagate)3.06 Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital)June, 2003 SUTIL1.01 ESFeat (ExcelStor)2.10 ATA Password Tool1.1 SMARTUDM2.00 ATAINF1.3m Hard Disk Wiping ToolsDarik's Boot and Nuke1.0.7 CopyWipe1.14 Active@ KillDisk Free Edition4.1 Free Edition. Supports "One Pass Zeros" method only. PC INSPECTOR e-maxx0.95 Actual version is 0.95 Build 775, but is referred to as 1.0 on product website. HDDErase3.1 Hard Disk Cloning ToolsHDClone (Free Edition)3.2.6 g4u1.17 Unable to integrate latest version of g4u (does not like mkisofs -N flag, which is required for integrating Windows CD). If anyone knows of a workaround, please email me. UDPcastn/a PC INSPECTOR clone maxx0.95 Build 769 Actual version is 0.95 Build 769, but is referred to as 1.0 on produce website. XXCOPY2.93.1 Latest version on website says 2.95.3, but XXCOPY16.EXE still shows 2.93.1. EaseUs Disk Copy1.0 COPYR.DMABuild 013 CopyWipe1.14 Hard Disk Low-Level Editing ToolsDisk Editor3.0 DISKMAN44.01 PTS DiskEditor1.04 Partition ToolsRanish Partition Manager2.40 Using stable version because V2.44 is beta and reported to be buggy. Free FDISK1.3.0 SPFDISK (Special FDISK)2000-03t XFDISK (Extended FDISK)0.9.3 beta Cute Partition Manager0.9.5 Although website says 0.9.6, program version and history log both says 0.9.5. PTDD Super Fdisk1.0 Partition Resizer1.3.4 FIPS2.0 Active@ Partition Recovery2.1.1 Demo version TestDisk6.5 Partition Saving3.40 MBRtool2.3.100 MBRWork1.07b Boot ManagersSmart BootManager3.7.1 Gujin1.9 GAG4.8 XOSL1.1.5 Super Grub Disk0.9590 File ToolsDOS Navigator6.4.0 File Maven3.5a Necromancer's DOS Navigator2.15 Build 4000 D-Browse1.24 Must enable long filename support for it to work. Volkov Commander4.99.08 alpha Or you can just type "vc" at the DOS prompt to launch this file manager. Eraser for DOS5.82 NTFS ToolsOffline NT Password & Registry Editor070409 Active NTFS Reader for DOS1.0.1 EditBINI1.01.1 Boot Partition2.60 Avira NTFS4DOS Personal1.9 For personal use only Anti-Virus/Malware ToolsF-Prot Antivirus for DOS3.16f For personal use only. Virus definition: 4 May 2007. McAfee Antivirus Scanner4.40.0 For personal use only. Virus definition: 3 May 2007. BugHunter2.1 Note that C:\ has to be accessible and writable, otherwise BUGHUNT.INI must be edited and the line C:\BUGHUNT.DAT changed to X:\BUGHUNT.DAT, where X is the drive letter of the RAM disk. Network ToolsArachne WWW Browser1.90 NetCopy0.2 FileLink3.01 This program is part of Caldera OpenDOS V7.03 QNX Demo Browser (network + modem version)4.00 DOSRDP2.0/XP DOS Boot DisksFreeDOS Boot Disk3.40 This is named dosubcd.igz under the images subdirectory, and is the default boot disk for most DOS programs under dosapps. You can easily make other DOS disk images your default by renaming the appropriate image file (eg. lzubcd.igz) to dosubcd.igz. LZ-DOS Boot Disk3.40 OpenDOS Boot Disk3.40 Won't work in a virtual machine, but will work on a physical machine. MS-DOS Boot Disk3.40 By default, this is not included in UBCD due to its commercial nature. But you can easily download and place it under the images subdirectory in order to use it. NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk3.40 You can run TinyHost by choosing the "tinyhost" profile after booting. Then you will be able to connect remotely from any Java-capable machine with the command java -jar tinyclient.jar x.x.x.x password (password defaults to 'nwdsk'). MSRRC: Bart's Network Disk Clone3.35 Linux Boot DisksTom's Boot Disk2.0.103 BasicLinux3.40 Trinux0.89 The latest incarnation of the Trinux project is ubuntutrinux, but a stable release does not exist yet.

USB DOS Resources Here you'll find drivers with setup programs to let you boot from a USB CD-ROM Unit. More information on this subject available from and from this Microsoft link: Recommendations for Booting Windows from USB Storage Devices

This will create a basic bootable floppy disk. Unfortunately,it won't allow you to do much. To perform any system tasks, youwill need a few of the utilities that DOS / Windows provides.These are separate executable files and will be stored one of twoplaces: DOS: Usually in C:\DOSWindows 9x: In X:\WINDOWS\COMMAND, (where X is the letterof the drive the operating system is installed on.)

Almost everyone who has worked with computers for any length of time at all has run into at least one situation in which a problem left a PC unbootable. What if you could return the machine to a bootable state just by inserting a USB flash drive though? Believe it or not, it is actually possible to install a bootable copy of Windows XP onto a flash drive and then boot a PC off of the flash drive. From there, you can use applications that you have installed on the flash drive (anti virus, anti spyware, disk repair, etc.) to fix the PC's problem. In this article, I will show you how. 350c69d7ab


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