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Where To Buy Glitsa Floor Finish High Quality

Glitsa or Rudd Company offers an amazing lineup of hardwood flooring finishes for professionals. Glitsa offers waterborne, conversion varnish and oil-based products. You will find that all the Glitsa hardwood flooring products are durable, easy to use and look great. The newest Glitsa products allow you to roll or T-bar the finish on the floor. Even though known for their Swedish finish, all finish is made right here in America!

where to buy glitsa floor finish

Glitsa offers a comprehensive wood floor finish lineup. The offer both Swedish finish and water based finish products. Glitsa prides itself on products that last, work well and are time tested. With Glitsa finish being a USA company, you know their finish is always fresh and will perform as desired.

Glitsa offers 2 types of waterborne wood flooring sealer. One is oil-based flooring look and the other gives a more raw wood floor look. Both sealer are super simple to use and work great for a build coat. Both Glitsa sealers for wood flooring prepare the floor for a finish coats.

Glitsa offers two options in the one component finish option. One is also playing double duty as a water-based sealer. Both these Glitsa finishes preform well but tend to not be rated for more than residential floors. However, both one component finishes are very simple to use and give a great look once applied.

Glitsa 2 component waterborne floor finish options are both the same except one has a much lower sheen than the other. The end result of both finishes are the same, perfect. These waterborne two component flooring finishes are meant for heavy traffic and commercial areas. They have better scuff and chemical resistance than one component finishes.

Glitsa started in Sweden in the 1950s where they created the Gold Seal Swedish Finish system. In 1956 Glitsa came to America when Ed Hodgson brought it to Seattle. Glitsa is part of the Rudd company and has expanded from the Gold Seal line to a large line of products including oil-modified polyurethane, waterborne finishes, stains and maintenance products like cleaners and mops.

Glitsa continues to create new products for floor finishing. By focusing on enhancing and showcasing the natural beauty of the hardwood they have become a top manufacturer of flooring finish in the US. Glitsa has some great finishes that are unique to the waterbased/waterborne finish industry like waterbased Infinity.

I am planning to either recoat my hardwood floors or sand them down. They are currently finished with Glitsa (Swedish finish) which I have used for decades and 2 houses. I am considering urethane finishes because they are less expensive and less toxic. Does anyone have advice on the differences between finishes? Is Glitsa worth the expense and moving out of the house?

Is there a difference within the Glitsa brand on the gloss of the finish? Our contractor added hardwood on both the main and 2nd floors so both are a blend of old and new oak. Downstairs looks very glossy, and feels smooth like glass. Upstairs looks like a matte finish, and it feels like paper.

Greg, again thank you. The dog's bowls are in he utility room, safely off the hardwood. We had a room redone from the original finish a couple of months ago. I don't know what they put down, but it has a matte finish that doesn't match the rest of the house which has the high gloss. The contractor won't let me talk to his flooring sub to ask what he used and why the two parts of the house don't match. Both have original old hardwood and new areas. to put a coat of glossy on top of matte and have it look glossy, or is it too late once matte goes down? And if they don't tell us what they use, are any of the different formulations incompatible as a top coat?

I personally have refinished a few floors in my life and used oil base polyurethane. We lived hard..dirty work and dogs. I've had similar accidents on the poly but never was there any damage to the wood..accidents with dog urine too! So I vote old fashioned poly. I always do 3 coats.

Glitsa Wood Floor Cleaner is an excellent cleaner for wood floors and other interior wood surfaces. Glitsa Clean contains no surface dulling oils that collect dust and dirt, nor does it contain any waxy polishes to build up on the surface of your floor finish. Glitsa Clean is available in concentrate form in quarts and gallons.

Welcome to A-American Custom Flooring, the one stop for all your flooring and counter top needs. We are the largest distributor of wood, tile, and carpet in the Midwest area. Come visit our 20,000 s/f showroom where we sell both residential and commercial.

Glitsa, founded in Sweden in the 1950s, is a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring finishes in the United States. The company was brought to the US by Ed Hodgson in 1956, and has since expanded its product line to include a wide range of oil-modified polyurethane, waterborne finishes, stains, and maintenance products such as cleaners and mops.

Glitsa Infinity NxG is a one component, oil modified waterborne polyurethane floor finish. Infinity ll is intended for use in residential applications where a warm, rich appearance is desired. This sigle pack wood floor finish has excellent flow, leveling and dry time. Glitsa Infinity NxG does not require an additional crosslinker to achieve a scratch and scuff resistant finish with lasting durability.

Rudd Company was founded in 1912 and has kept its roots firmly planted in the Northwest, while serving customers throughout the U.S. In addition to Rudd Wood Finishes, the company also produces Glitsa wood floor finishes, SkimStone decorative concrete finishing system. Rudd brands include: Rudd Wood Finishes, Glitsa, and SkimStone.

Glitsa Poly 500 Series is a high solids oil-modified polyurethane finish designed for residential and commercial hardwood floor applications. The Glitsa Poly 500 Series has a low odor formula and provides an easy way to apply a beautiful finish.

That all said, you need not worry or do anything. Unless you are personally suffering an eye or throat irritation, the floor finish is fine the way it is. The most toxic floor finish called Glitsa only gases off small amounts of formaldehyde for 3-6 months after it has been applied. And now your finish is older than that, you say it was applied over a year ago, there is still no problem.

The toxicity of these finishes is during their application, and why they are banned in some states is that the solvents contribute to air pollution. If you can find the brand name of the finish that was used on the floor originally (not the patch job) I can do the research on it, and get back to you right away.

Otherwise, if you have had no ill health effects, you will have no problem with the dry, cured film of any floor finish. Oh, it has been proven the the formaldehyde in the floor finish I mentioned diminishes after 6 months, and this has been tested and documented. So any problems will not get worse like these guys said, but only, invariably better.

Glitsa Swedish Floor Finish has been leading the floor finish industry for the past 50 years. This product is an extremely strong and durable finish. Many companies refuse to use this finish due to its high VOC, extremely strong smell, and having to turn off the gas to the home during the coating process.

Glitsa Clean is an excellent cleaner for wood floors, as well as other interior wood surfaces. Glitsa Clean contains no surface dulling oils that collect dust and dirt, nor does it contain any waxy polishes to build up on the surface of your floor finish.

You'll never have to wax a Glitsa floor. Keeping your wood floors clean and beautiful is a simple as vacuuming and damp-mopping. Best results are achieved using Glitsa Clean, which is specially formulated to clean your Glitsa finished floor.

When properly maintained, Glitsa Swedish finish will outwear other floor finishes available today. When a Glitsa Gold Seal surface begins to show wear, it can be simply recoated without resanding to bare wood. Contact your flooring contractor when recoating becomes necessary.

All deliverables should position Glitsa as the authority on wood floor coatings and finishes, and the premier choice for beautiful, high-performance floor finishing products, reflect a commitment to excellence, leverage the quality, performance and purity of aesthetic associated with traditional Swedish floor finishing products and forge a powerful, values-based emotional connection with the customer.

Waterlox makes a great varnish to finish floors. They have one they call "Gym Floor" varnish. I have not used that one - I have only used the regular gloss and satin. In my experience, I like to put down 2 coats of Waterlox gloss and follow up with a satin if the customer does not like the high gloss. The gloss seems to be tougher than the satin and it grabs the new floors very well. The only downside to the Waterlox is the odor. Some folks make a big deal about it when you do a "refinish" job. They feel it leaves a smell in the house that they can not get rif of. Out comes the water based stuff. Different path.

>> They have one they call "Gym Floor" varnish. I have not used that one - I have only used the regular gloss and satin.Just to clear up a point. Waterlox Original Gloss used to be called "Gym Floor Finish". Guess they figured they could sell more by calling it "Gloss".That said, Waterlox Original Gloss or Satin make fine floor finishes. However, their phenolic resin base makes them a rather amber or yellow finish. Some may like that, some may not.Best to test it on some scrap or in an inconspicuous spot before committing to the whole floor. In fact, it's best to test any finish.Howie.........

To be honest about flooring these days, I have been banging in a bunch of prefinished stuff. I know that is heresy to some but skipping the sanding and varnishing is nice and lots of customers ask for it. In many cases, the client has picked out the wood and they call up needing a nailer to come in to level, measure and install. It pays the mortgage and I get to do it at night into the early mornin' hours with nobody else around. Joy. 041b061a72


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