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Star Ocean

The story involves three friends who, while searching for the cure to a new disease, come into contact with a space-faring federation that is locked in a war with another galactic power. Using advanced technologies and time travel, the group attempts to uncover the cause of the war and to find a cure for their planet. The Super Famicom version was never released outside Japan due to Enix closing its American branch shortly before the game was finished, as well as Nintendo's focus on supporting the then-upcoming Nintendo 64 video game console. However, the game was later remade by Tose for the PlayStation Portable under the title Star Ocean: First Departure[b], and released in English-speaking regions in North America, Europe, and Australia in October 2008. A remastered version titled Star Ocean: First Departure R[c] was released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 worldwide in December 2019.[5] The game was the start of the entire Star Ocean series, featuring six main games, 3 spin-offs, a remake, a remaster, and a manga.

star ocean

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The game takes place in S.D 346 (A.D 2432), and starts off in a small town of Kratus on the under-developed planet of Roak.[10] There, a few of the local Fellpool (cat-like people) youth, Roddick, Millie, and Dorne, are part of the village's local "Defense Force", who defend the village from minor threats such as thieves and robbers.[10] However, one day, a neighboring town, Coule, starts contracting a terrible disease that turns people into stone.[10] The town healer, Millie's father, contracts the disease while trying to get rid of it, leading the group to search Mt. Metorx for a herb that is rumored to cure any sickness.[10] Dorne unintentionally contracts the disease as well after touching an infected pigeon.[14]

When they reach the summit, they are confronted by Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri, two crew members of the Earth Federation (Terran Alliance in the PSP remake) starship Calnus.[14] They inform them that the disease was sent to the planet by a foreign race called the Lezonians, whom the Earth Federation has been at war with. Roddick and Millie go with them on their spacecraft to help them find a cure. They learn that Fellpool blood could be used to process a special, invisible material which could give them a massive advantage in the war. Upon coming in contact with Lezonians, they reveal that they were being forced into war by a shadowy, powerful third party with a disgust for the Federation.

  • The ocean color science team in the Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) of NOAA/NESDIS seeks to develop improved ocean color products from the current and future ocean color satellite sensors including the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS), the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), and the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (SNPP) and the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS), as well as various satellite sensors from other countries, e.g., the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS), Korean Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI), Sentinel-3 Ocean Land Colour Instrument (OLCI), GCOM-C Second-Generation Global Imager (SGLI), etc. The ocean color science team is currently focusing on: Characterization and calibration of satellite ocean color instrument (e.g., VIIRS, MODIS);

  • Satellite on-orbit vicarious calibration using in situ measurements;

  • Understanding, evaluating, and refining satellite ocean color data processing system (i.e., MSL12);

  • Routine global ocean color data processing from Level-0 to Level-1B, Level-1B to Level-2, and Level-2 to Level-3;

  • The end-to-end satellite ocean color data processing capability and system;

  • Development and improvement of satellite retrieval algorithms in global open ocean and coastal and inland water regions;

  • In situ data processing, evaluation, and improvement;

  • Implementing and transitioning research algorithms to the NOAA operational data system;

  • Various ocean color data research and applications in global open ocean and coastal and inland waters.

The STAR Ocean Color Science Team is also the NOAA VIIRS Ocean Color Environmental Data Records (EDR) Team, responsible for providing high quality VIIRS global ocean color products. Here we show results from VIIRS-SNPP.

The ocean comprises over 70% of Earth's surface, which makes satellite remote sensing a logical and significant component of an overall effort to meet societal needs for weather and water information; support commerce with information for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation; and provide information for better coastal preparedness. Ocean surface vector winds (OSVW) are crucial pieces of information needed to understand and predict the short-term and longer-term processes that drive our planet's environment. As the largest source of momentum for the ocean surface, winds affect the full range of ocean movement, from individual surface waves to complete current systems. Winds along the ocean surface regulate interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean via modulation of air-sea exchanges of heat, moisture, gases, and particulates. With the ocean covering almost three quarters of Earth's surface, this interactionhas significant influence on global and regional climate.

Due to a myriad of issues both big and small, Star Ocean: The Divine Force feels less like a step in the right direction but instead, a stumble towards the goal. Still, the excellent combat and a more enjoyable story shows that there is still life amongst the stars and I sincerely hope that the series will continue and improve even further.

The Divine Force starts with a choice between two protagonists, something a Star Ocean game has never offered before, with each character presenting separate sections of the story that offer distinct experiences.

When traveling through maps/dungeons, starting combat is absolutely seamless. Battles start the instant you are spotted or make an opening/surprise attack, and then once the last enemy falls, it ends just as quickly, with no stopping to have to handle a results screen. All battles take place in a specific area denoted by a red circle on the minimap, and getting out of battle is as easy as walking out of the said circle. This excellent change in the combat formula made picking fights so simple that I never found myself avoiding enemies while exploring or traveling.

As I played through Star Ocean: The Divine Force, I started wondering if perhaps budget was something of an issue. It would certainly explain some issues with the empty spaces, more predictable elements, and some oddities with regards to character models. While I appreciated the effort to match mouth movements with the voice acting, it looks incredibly unnatural. Not to mention the more a character moves, the more unrealistic and exaggerated it all seems. When I met Nina for the first few times, for example, I wondered exactly why her hair and arms seemed to be flailing they way they did.

Beyond normal strikes, skills and abilities will be a major component in combat. We see characters dashing around battles, leaving behind neon trails while attacking everything in their path, plus what look to be animations of the characters interacting with the robot companion leading up to massive attacks. Magic and other attack skills seem to have a small startup time that will leave you vulnerable if done at the wrong time.

Aside from Raymond and Laeticia, which you will choose between at the beginning of the game, the other party members also appear playable. We see moments of Elena running around a canyon-type environment and attacking with some sort of laser whip weapon, and Albaird casting ice magic. We can then assume that all party members, assuming the cast is larger than just these four, will be playable. Depending on which character you pick at the start, you will get a different cast of party members as well.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is among the most critically acclaimed games set in a galaxy far, far away. Players followed Cal Kestis, played by Cameron Monaghan, in his journey to kick-start the Jedi Order after Emperor Palpatine famously ordered them all slaughtered. His journey of self-discovery was one many gamers could relate to and are excited to continue in the sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Ubisoft has a few notoriously troubled games in development that have left fans scratching their heads for years now. Aside from Beyond Good and Evil 2, the most curious game that has managed to avoid cancellation despite years of delays, restarts, and who knows what else behind the scenes is the pirate game Skull and Bones. It was first announced in 2017, and we've gotten almost nothing but bad news regarding this title in the years since. Despite having a playable build in 2018, for press only, the game has undergone major, if not complete overhauls.

From here on out, Welch will call you periodically and ask you to come to her shop, which means the next quest can be undertaken. Your first call will happen near the beginning of Chapter 2, so head to the shop and start Welch the Crafter.

Follow the exploits of humankind's journey across the stars. TheSTAR OCEAN saga begins with the completely remastered STAR OCEAN:First Departure. Featuring a revised game engine, an improvedbattle system and fully-voiced, all-new animated scenes displayedin 16:9 widescreen. With a newly added layer of characterinteraction, players can enjoy their journey into the rich STAROCEAN universe like never before.

When they reach the top, where the plant is said to grow, they are met by a mysterious light, from which two oddly dressed people emerge from. One is a male named Ronixis J. Kenny, and the other a blonde female named Iria Silvestoli. Ronixis introduces himself as a captain of the Earth Federation starship Calnus. He tells them that the disease that is turning their people to stone was caused by the Resonia, a race the Federation is at war with. He doesn't know why they are targeting their planet though. 041b061a72


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