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Want to visit Canada when the border opens to vaccinated Americans on August 9? Travelers will be required to download the free ArriveCAN app, which verifies the vaccination status of incoming travelers. Anyone entering Canada must first upload their passport information, Covid-19 vaccination documentation and test results, and the app provides a digital receipt to show at the border.

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With no federal digital solution in the United States, each state is left to decide whether and how it will provide residents with a way to access state-verified records in a digital format. And Americans, regardless of where they live, have more options than they may realize.

A small handful of states have developed their own digital apps that can provide a QR code that verifies the vaccination status of residents. These QR code is typically PIN-protected so nobody else can access your records. New York has its Excelsior Pass, Hawaii has its Hawaii Safe Travels system and California has its own Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record.

Eight more states and territories use a platform called MyIRMobile, which allows residents to obtain their immunization records on a PDF that can be either printed or stored on their phones. MyIRMobile is available in Arizona, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington and West Virginia, and it is rolling out soon in Puerto Rico.

We find that income matters more in "red America" than in "blue America." In poor states, rich people are much more likely than poor people to vote for the Republican presidential candidate, but in rich states (such as Connecticut), income has a very low correlation with vote preference. In addition to finding this pattern and studying its changes over time, we use the concepts of typicality and availability from cognitive psychology to explain how these patterns can be commonly misunderstood. Our results can be viewed either as a debunking of the journalistic image of rich "latte" Democrats and poor "Nascar " Republicans, or as support for the journalistic images of political and cultural differences between red and blue statesdifferences which are not explained by differences in individuals' incomes. For decades, the Democrats have been viewed as the party of the poor, with the Republicans representing the rich. Recent presidential elections, however, have shown a reverse pattern, with Democrats performing well in the richer "blue" states in the northeast and west coast, and Republicans dominating in the "red" states in the middle of the country. Through multilevel modeling of individual-level survey data and county- and state-level demographic and electoral data, we reconcile these patterns. Key methods used in this research are: (1) plots of repeated cross-sectional analyses, (2) varying-intercept, varying-slope multilevel models, and (3) a graph that simultaneously shows within-group and between-group patterns in a multilevel model. These statistical tools help us understand patterns of variation within and between states in a way that would not be possible from classical regressions or by looking at tables of coefficient estimates.

Our communities must also be ready to receive these investments. That will take intentional coordination between different levels of government, alongside community voices, to ensure environmental justice and equitable economic opportunity are truly being realized. The Justice40 Oversight Committee we have proposed and are still working hard to pass in South Carolina creates a mechanism to locate and help organize disadvantaged communities to ensure the full benefit of these federal credits, grants, and loans. It would hold state and federal officials accountable for results and bring much-needed transparency to the process. We have also shared this work with colleagues in other states. The Delaware legislature has already passed a similar bill. And we strongly believe more measures will follow, as more states make new progress passing environmental justice legislation.

We know that this level of coordination and accountability is essential. During the Obama administration, we saw Republican state lawmakers and leaders in South Carolina turn away critical federal investments, such as funds from the Affordable Care Act that could have helped keep hospitals open, especially in our rural communities. We worry that the same thing will happen again.

Former State Rep. Harold Mitchell is the founder and executive director of the Regenesis Project, a former South Carolina state representative, a member of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council and the Evergreen Action advisory board, and a founding signatory to the Equitable & Just National Climate Platform.

We identified and characterised the deep red state (DRS), an optically-absorbing charge transfer state of PSII, which lies at lower energy than P680, in the red algae Cyanidioschyzon merolae by means of low temperature absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopies. The photoactive DRS has been previously studied in PSII of the higher plant Spinacia oleracea, and in the cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus vulcanus. We found the DRS in PSII of C. merolae has similar spectral properties. Treatment of PSII with dithionite leads to reduction of cytochrome (cyt) b559 and the PsbV-based cyt c550 as well as the disassembly of the oxygen-evolving complex. Whereas the overall visible absorption spectrum of PSII was little affected, the DRS absorption in the reduced sample was no longer seen. This bleaching of the DRS is discussed in terms of a corresponding lack of a DRS feature in D1D2/cyt b559 reaction centre preparations of PSII.

But there is a large piece of the homicide story that is missing and calls into question the veracity of the right-wing obsession over homicides in Democratic cities: murder rates are far higher in Trump-voting red states than Biden-voting blue states. And sometimes, murder rates are highest in cities with Republican mayors.

In fact, the top per capita murder rate states in 2020 were mostly those far from massive urban centers and Democratic mayors and governors. Eight of the top ten worst murder rate states voted for Trump in 2020. None of those eight has supported a Democrat for president since 1996.

The chart below shows the top 10 murder rate states in 2020. Mississippi had the highest homicide rate at 20.50 murders per 100,000 residents, followed by Louisiana at 15.79, Kentucky at 14.32, Alabama at 14.2, and Missouri at 14. The national average was 6.5 per 100,000 residents, but the top five states had rates more than twice that high.

In 2020, murder rates increased nearly everywhere. But they increased more in Trump-voting states than Biden-voting states, albeit slightly. The average increase in murder rate across all Trump-voting states was 32.2%1 compared to 30.8% in Biden-voting states.

You might, in the end, wonder how well Denker pulls off the empathetic listening, (more on that below), but you have to admire her research. Denker puts on the air miles, traveling from her home in Minneapolis to places as far-flung as Orange County, California; Dallas and Houston; Orlando, Florida; Altoona, Pennsylvania; Cole Camp, Missouri; and Concord, New Hampshire. She pursues the names you would expect, like Prestonwood Baptist pastor Jack Graham in Plano, Texas, and those you would not, such as the area director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in southwest Florida, Charlie Weatherbie. And she covers the gamut of issues that come up time and again in red state politics from guns to immigration to the NFL national anthem protest.

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