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Adobe Captivate 2017 V10.0.0 Final Patch - [SH] Setup Free

- [Instructor] Downloading content from the Live Marketplace aka Adobe Collections - After opening Captivate 2019, select the File menu and select New Document. Now choose Adobe Collections and then Captivate . Select the Captivate tab on the right hand side of the dialog box and finally scroll down the list of files until you see the Live Marketplace folder icon. Here you can download one or more.tocx files, and they will be placed in the Master folder on your computer. You can drag and drop these files into your current in-progress.tocx files in the project, once youve opened your course in Captivate for the first time.

Adobe Captivate 2017 v10.0.0 Final Patch - [SH] setup free

We've already mentioned that Captivate 2019 has over 75,000+ Free assets for you to use, so those are already installed in your system. You can download the library directly from the Captivate Live Marketplace . You should delete the default asset files in the asset library before selecting the Add-on > Purchased option to re-download them. We also recommend using the Asset Binder to sort them into categories and folders. If you start to make any changes to these assets, be sure to save them in order to keep your changes from reverting back to the default file or asset.

I've worked with Adobe Captivate since version 5, a tool that saved my behind when I made a presentation to a California State Bar, and I found some new features that you'd like to know about. One of the new features is the new look of the Help Center. But what else is new?


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