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MovieStarPlanet Download Problems: Causes and Solutions

It can be quite annoying when an app from the App Store cannot be loaded and thus updated. The download or update is started, but only a fraction of the app is loaded after hours.Or an app like MovieStarPlanet cannot be installed because the download does not start even though you are connected to the internet.

why wont moviestarplanet download


If MovieStarPlanet is downloading very slowly, it could also be due to the size of the app itself. The progress bar gives you a slow download, but this may only appear because of the size of the app. In the event of an update, you can check in the respective app store how big the installation file is and see whether it may load for so long due to its size.

I got a vip ticket from my friend and they sent it to me through computer and tried again and sent it through mobile too but whatever we try it wont let me keep the ticket. No matter how hard i click the keep button... anyone know what this glitch is and does it happen to anyone else? i dont wanna loose annother ticket. :'D

A lot of times it wont let you save art books after editing them, wont let you change outfits on artbooks on the app, whenever im changing our outfit we try to click on hair and it instead keeps clicking on the vip button cause its right behind it so we cant view all our hairs.

It was a great game until msp started caring about msp 2 more then the first game. Youll get hacked and possibly get ur account deleted for no reason and locked out. Msp glitches and doesnt work half the time. They wont answer your emails and fix any of the issues for msp 1.

Hello. We have been playing for 4 years. Its pretty ok, but within the last few updates many glitches have appeared which make the game almost unplayable, and there are many elements of the game you cant access on mobile. Some are understandable, but others are not. This app has been up for years and has been mostly neglected when it comes to adding basic ablilities obviously in favor of improving MSP 2. We have been a player long before MSP 2 existed and have no interest in losing all of our stuff by switching over. Here is a list of glitches, and later on we will list the ways in which MSP mobile lacks key game elements and has for years. Glitches: 1. For about half a year, our messages have shown in a completely random order and no update has addressed this. Since we have been playing for so long, we have a LOT of old messages and sometimes will scroll for a very long time only to see that a friend messages us four days ago. It makes using messages pretty much useless unless the person is online with you. 2. Random button will just not load sometimes especially in chats. Also, sometimes we will get stuck on a blank version of our own profile and have to close the app the escape. 3. Sometimes profiles or rooms will load indefinitely until you have to close the app to start over. This is worse if you have low connection, but happens regardless. 4. 60% of the time when using your clothing inventory, it will not register that you are in your inventory for some reason and wont let you click much. Youll go to close the inventory and end up pressing the VIP sales, go to click a different category and end up in setting or photos, etc. This has been an ongoing glitch for at least a year 5. Especially when you have any kind of even remotely low connection, sometimes when you change clothes it just wont show. Your clothes will remain the same in chats, profile icon, etc. And only show as changes when you open your clothing inventory again. 6. Random crashes at least 3 times every time we play for more than an hour 7. Game is basically unusable when you have any kind of slow wifi or low data. Glitches become more frequent and things just wont load. It will randomly kick you from chats as well 8. Sometimes you show up as being unfriendable for having too many friends when you really dont. Seems to be completely random and fixed by unadding inactive people. 9. Sometimes will randomly not let you post photos, and instead post blank grey icons that are only visible to you. Not too bad, but when it happens you cannot delete these grey icons and they stay visible to you basically forever in your photos. You cant get rid of them at all. 10. Sometimes when messaging, it randomly wont let you exit messages or scroll or do anything else besides type. Only fixed when you close the app. Happens about 30% of the time on average but if you have slow wifi, it jumps to about 60% 11. Taller clothing items make your avatar smaller. Basically, if you get wings or something that are taller than yo avatar, it makes your avatar smaller in order to remain proportional to the usual character size including the wings. Not visible in pc, just to you and other mobile users. 12. Sometimes when you do an animations, it turns you into a deformed ball of avatar parts trying to act out the animation and failing. 13. Parts of your face and other will often not load. Also, sometimes you and others are only visible when you movie in chatrooms and not when staying still. Here are game elements that have not been added to mobile when the developers have had YEARS to do so. Some are understandable, others are inexcusable: 1. No forums at all. We dont really care because forums are toxic though 2. You cant play dress up or games with friends. You can basic games in random rooms, but cannot invite or be invited to games. PC players can invite you but you dont see it, and it just seems like you ignored their request 3. Many parts of your profile are inaccessible. No guest book or journal, or fame award stickers, or recycling clothing. We still have stuff in our journal section that we wrote when we were like 12 and cant even see what it says lol. 4. You can buy pets and feed them, but cant walk them with you anywhere except in the pet chat rooms. This can be very misleading to people who bought pets for the first time in mobile for 900+ coins, but find out later that they cant do anything with them. 5. Cant change facial expression on profile or animation or pet. 6. VIP still costs the exact same on mobile, but some VIP abilities are just not available. This seems wrong to us since you arent getting the full VIP experience but paying the same. We may be missing a few things, but You cant change chat or profile text color, cant create clubs because clubs arent even a thing on mobile, and due to a glitch or something sometimes fame wheels just dont work. Anyways, thats all. If you still feel like downloading. After reading all this, good for you. Also, if the developers happen to see this.. We dont know.. Do better? Dont neglect a game in which you have already built an audience of long time players in favor of a reboot of your game that your long-time players (mostly) wont get because they would lose everything they have built up. Not improving on this game in any meaningful way for years really shows a lack of care for players. Some things are understandable adding an entire forum mechanic to the game would require serious work, but pets? For over 5 years you cant add walking pets to your game? Come on.

Hello we are logged out our account. We put in the correct username and password yet it still wont let us in. It just says invalid username and password. We just made this account and we put the username and password in reminders so we would remember but it wont let us in. Our accounts user is gxthicYuki. We will describe our characters details so you can know who your looking for. We have pink hair, black bangs, Red and black headphones, ripped black shirt and black jeans. Please help and fix this we really like this account!

Here, you will need to insert your installation media, which could be a DVD or a USB drive. Should you not have the physical media needed, you will need to download the latest version of your Windows ISO and right-click to MOUNT. This creates a source to repair the corrupted files, and will only replace those files that need to be fixed.

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Mud Sound Protocol, or MSP, provides a way for games to send sound and music triggers to clients. Clients have the option to implement a framework where the corresponding triggers play. MSP triggers are sent in one direction to game clients and not to game servers. Sounds may be downloaded manually or automatically if conditions are met.

Sound or music triggers that contain a media file name will be searched for in the media folder of the corresponding Mudlet profile that matches the host for the game. If the media folder and the file are found by Mudlet, it will be played, given the host's operating system supports playing that type of media file. If the file is not found, Mudlet could initiate a download of the media file when provided a URL to find the file. Alternatively, game administrators may instruct players on other ways to transfer media files by 1) creating a media folder in their game's Mudlet profile and 2) copying files or extracting them from an archive (zip).

As most games have been around for a long time, they often use Mud Sound Protocol (MSP) to play sounds. We often find that the game administrators have documented a downloadable soundpack on their website, or that a 3rd party has made one. In Mudlet, a profile is created for each game, and you can manually create a media folder inside of it and drop in the media files (sound, music). For games using MSP, you can create simple triggers to play them which are documented above.


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