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Buy Pgt Windows Online [NEW]

Impact windows and doors are designed to resist shattering when struck. Engineered with laminated glass, hurricane windows are held in place by a durable interlayer that stays intact even upon serious impact, protecting against the most extreme weather elements. They also provide increased home security, noise reduction, and convenience.

buy pgt windows online

PGT custom windows and doors are built to meet the needs, priorities, location, and budget of your home renovation. We offer impact windows and hurricane doors, along with non-impact options, with many benefits.

Our aluminum and vinyl windows and doors come in a wide range of styles to maximize your curb appeal and take your interiors to the next level while increasing hurricane protection, energy efficiency, and much more.

I got My windows at cost what PGT really sells them for. I do not understand why they allow others to set their pricing for them when they should just offer the product directly to the public at fair prices.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my windows, just so thankful for my Brother in law to have saved me from over paying. I got all my windows and doors at 41% of list price, with full factory warranty. and that included sales tax too!!!

Let me just add, as a savvy/burned buyer of rental props, that when a seller starts bragging about this or that upgrade (windows, pavers, HVAC, etc.), I then head straight over to the local AHJ Building Dept., and if I canNOT find permit records for such "work", I then start SLASHING my offer price, drastically. I flatly explain that they have EXPOSED me to the LIABILITY of tear-out and re-do, with the associated TRIPLE permit fees/fines.

There is a lot of man hours put into quoting projects, checking design pressures to make sure products qualify for the project to meet building codes which vary by building type, location of building, height of building, location of windows on the building, etc. So there is a lot that you as the consumer does not see but are there.

Installations on projects can vary and one contractor may do things on the install that another would not. So you may pay a little more to one company than another but you will probably will get a quality install instead of cutting corners on the cheaper guy. I don't know about you but I expect my windows to stay n the openings when a storm comes.

We got many quotes when looking for impact windows and doors for our home. We went with Paradise Exteriors and are very happy with our new windows. They are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

I am currently getting quotes from 4 different PGT dealers in the Tampa Bay area for 7 Impact windows and 4 Impact sliding doors. I am ready to pull the trigger but am unhappy with the pricing. Even though I am getting the SAME PRODUCT codes, sizes, and specifications, some are pricing the individual sliders at $2,000.00 over the other company. I called PGT and was told by someone there what their prices are. INCREDIBLE!!

Rob this is how it works when purchasing any product of any type, not just windows. I don't see why you see this as incredible. It costs each company a different $ amount in order to keep their business alive and even more to thrive. Is this not the case with whatever you do for a living?Some companies do this better than others, in exactly the same as some companies do better work than others. If this wasn't the case there would be no reason to have more than one manufacturer, retailer or installer for any one product.

In my case I know what it costs to buy the PGT windows I was quoted directly from the lumber yard at what is likely one of the "lowest" markups and then I have a range of installation prices that are comparable from there. The idea is not to install windows for the lowest price. If that was the case then install them yourself and you will see how hard it really is. Installers provide a wealth of other services to the installation of a window. Does a installer that charges $25 a window do the same job as the installer that charges $175 a window? I would say very probably so and for good reason since it costs more than $25 to have a window installed correctly. It's MUCH more important how the windows are installed then what the price is. You should be reading the reviews of people who have used the companies that you are looking to get quotes from rather than just randomly getting quotes. I read the reviews first and did not call many companies after the reviews I saw. I am also only now talking to those that install PGT because they are the only vinyl window manufacturer that has a NOA for Miami/Dade. These are the most stringent codes and the windows actually don't cost any more than ones that do not have a NOA so I don't see a reason to consider the others for us since this also gives us the best insurance benefits also. I did not know this when I first started with pricing windows.

I don't think anyone is suggesting that they are the "be all" of impact rated windows. There are multiple brands out there that meet impact standards. If you haven't, talk to friends or neighbors and see if any of them have had good luck with a product or installer. See if that narrows the scope.

WoW, I was hoping you'd respond so thank you. Yes, I've spoken with neighbors in the building and a few others with some experience. Unfortunately, one contractor who did 1/4 of the windows in my building took 8 days to respond to my initial inquiry and then fought with me that the quote he emailed specified brand/materials, when it didn't. He ultimately apologized after 2 days that I was right. He's been almost impossible to track down and only responds intermittently. Red flag for me.

Clearly there has to be a mark-up for installer to survive. Having said that, the problem in Florida seems to be that there is only an illusion of competition but no real competition. Installers are competing for the business but nearly all buy from PGT/CGI, which seems to be a near monopoly. No one company would survive with so many bad reviews and customer complaints if there was competition. What puzzles me though is why have no other company tried to enter this market if there is so much money to be made? Is it very difficult to make good impact windows?

Johnny Sexton, you are correct the warranties are truly offered by the installer which is why there are issues w/ the small mom and pop installers. When something does happen they can't stand behind it. I was talking to one of my installers about this and he told me on his own he could save me a small amount of money on the installation but he couldn't offer any sort of warranty on the windows beyond 6 months since if/when something happens he just can't stand behind it. So now he does installations for the company we used, says this way he is working all the time. We used a company that offers a total lifetime warranty that they cover and they increased the coverage that is purchasable from PGT for accidental breakage but that seemed silly if you read the details. You are correct hurricane breakage technically doesn't go through the manufacturer or installer, that is through your homeowner's insurance which wouldn't even be worth filing under for a single window or even the cost of a few windows. It would have to be a catastrophic loss for that to make sense.

Karen- yes that is likely very accurate. We waited longer than that because of what COVID was doing. All my windows but one are now installed but I went under contract in late August of last year. On the plus side the company refuses to let me pay for them until they are all installed, the inspection is done and they have been able to install the trim pieces.

In the US there seem to be serious anti-competitive practices in many retail sectors. Windows and doors are but one example. You will find that it is almost impossible to find price lists for any doors or windows online. It is no accident. Keeping consumers in the dark is intended to prevent consumers having market knowledge. TO ANSWER some of the comments suggesting that it is acceptable to charge such massive margins for essentially putting an order in to PGT... in most cases there is no overhead for stock in a warehouse because most dealers do not keep stock. The only overhead is marketing and administration. It is motivated by pure greed.

In most other countries, windows and doors are substantially cheaper and it is possible to see prices online. Greed and gouging is rife in the US and the retail prices reflect bad practices in many industries aimed and making excessive profits from consumers. You do not have to be a victim, source your products from elsewhere and put these people out of business. That is what the market needs.

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