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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

The first thing to go was the control system. The method used in the 2005 edition was clunky and unsatisfying. It was clear the developer of the maiden DS installment was finding its feet when it came to making convincing use of the touchscreen. Its replacement is a joy to behold, though. Simple to use, it grants an astonishingly complete degree of control over your irons and woods.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08


Exactly what came out of the Tuesday night meeting at Hotel Du Pont is more of a mystery, even down to the number of players in attendance. The purpose was to unify, not only against the threat of a rival league funded by Saudi money, but shoring up any weaknesses in the tour.

Will Zalatoris was in the meeting, fresh off his first PGA Tour title last week that lifted him to the top spot in the FedEx Cup standings and No. 9 in the world. He just turned 26 and has been on tour for only two years, one of them as a full member.

Monahan already has announced an increase in prize money for next season, with eight tournaments offering $15 million or more in prize money, a planned series of even larger purses for three international events late in the year and a January-August schedule starting in 2024. 041b061a72


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